Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet is virtually scratch resistant and can be used in a wide range of interior and exterior applications. It is a thermoplastic that is renowned for its durability and strength, making it resilient to wear and tear and weathering. Acrylic Sheet can be used for commercial, domestic and industrial requirements. It can be molded into tubes or rods, or come in standard or high impact sheets. It is often used in building, construction, glazing and signage and is available in a gloss or transparent finish.

InPlastics, Brisbane, offers acrylic sheet in our range of ClearPVC products. Size, thickness and all other specifications of this product line can be located on the Seymour Field Industries website.

ABS Sheet

ABS Sheet is impact and chemical resistant and comes in a myriad of colours and finishes. It can be designed and fabricated with resins for UV protection, as well as additional safety features including fire and heat retardancy. ABS Sheet is a multipurpose product that can be used in a range of industries including building, construction, marine and automotive.

We fabricate and supply the Komacel range of PVC products, which includes ABS Sheet. For a complete listing of specifications view Seymour Field Industries website today.

Aluminium Composite Panel

Combining strength and resilience, in a lightweight but rigid structure, Aluminium Composite Panel is designed for a broad range of applications, from building through to signage. It can be coated in different finishes, depending on its domestic, commercial or industrial use, as well as various textures, to enhance its design. Aluminium Composite Panel is comprised of a thermoplastic inner layer housed between two aluminium panels.

We offer Aluminium Composite Panels for cladding of buildings. Available in flat sheets, or fully fabricated with aluminium extrusions attached ready for installation. Priced from under $40m2 + GST for flat sheets and starting at $80m2 + GST for fully fabricated.

The brands of aluminium composite panels that we fabricate and supply at InPlastics are Signalloy and Armourclad. Further specifications can be found on the Seymour Field Industries website.

Polypropylene Twinwall (PP) - Flute

Polypropylene Twinwall (PP) sheet is versatile, strong and can be fabricated in a range of shapes, finishes, colours and textures. It is suitable for all types of domestic, commercial and industrial uses including signage, printing, construction, point-of-sale displays, packaging and graphic design.

It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable substrate, which can be designed with additional resins to incorporate features such as UV resistance.

At InPlastics our Polypropylene Twinwall (PP) products are categorised under our brand name Polyflute. For further specifications, view the Seymour Field Industries website online today.


Polycarbonates have allowed breakthroughs in the development of high performance parts. Widely used in transport, engineering, building, construction, telecommunications, electrical and electronics, polycarbonates are thermoplastics with a superior resistance to heat, impact and fire.

Available in both a film and solid sheet, it is a cost-effective substrate, that has a broad range of applications. Additional resins can also be added to this plastic substrate for different requirements, such as UV coatings.

At InPlastics we fabricate and supply polycarbonates as part of our Komacel brand of products. Check out Seymour Field Industries website for our polycarbonate specifications.

PETG Sheet

PETG Sheet is renowned for offering superior optical clarity and advanced mechanical properties, making it an essential plastic substrate for flooring, glazing, transport, printing and a broad range of other purposes. PETG Sheet is also regularly used in point-of-sale marketing displays, due to its advanced optical features.

PETG is transparent and can be fabricated in many different colours, textures and finishes. It is also environmentally friendly and more sustainable than commonly used clear PVC.

PVC - Foamed

PVC Foamed Sheets are lightweight, offer enhanced optical resolution and are primarily used for digital and screen printing and signage. Regularly used in flatbed digital printers, they are available in a broad selection of colours and thicknesses. Foamed PVC Sheets can be purchased in a variety of sizes, depending on the application, and is a superior printing substrate for all types of domestic and commercial projects.

The foamed PVC we manufacture at InPlastics is part of our Komatex range of products. View the Seymour Field Industries website for further specifications of our PVC lines.

PVC - Rigid

Rigid PVC is a cost-effective plastic substrate, generally used for packaging food and a wide range of other products. It has numerous features, and is flame and chemical resistant. Being thermoplastic, Rigid PVC is also popular within the building and construction industries for insulation and a range of other uses.

With superior tensile strength and durability, Rigid PVC is often used for applications such as making fittings and mechanical componentry, due to its resistance to numerous chemical and alkaline substances.

At InPlastics we design and fabricate the Komacel multipurpose PVC products. Further specifications can be found on the Seymour Field Industries website.

PVC - Roll Clear

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Our Equipment

At InPlastics we are well equipped to undertake all of your small and large-scale commercial, domestic and industrial plastic substrate and aluminium panelling design and fabrication projects. Our specialised equipment enables us to customise these to your specifications.

The specialised equipment we use includes:

  • 4m x 2m CNC Router & Laser Cutting Machine
  • We can cut any shape, Whether it be 3d letters for a sign an artwork for the wall or architectural screen, Inplastics can make it!

  • Panel Saw
  • We have a state of the art panel saw to cut your sheeting to the size you require. We can cut Acrylic, PVC, Aluminium Composite Panels, Polycarbanate, MDF HDPE and much more.

4/15 Henry Street , Loganholme , QLD 4129